In this article we describe Part 4 of the Marketing Plan, the Marketing Action Plan.

What is the marketing action plan?

The marketing plan has now arrived at an advanced stage. The research has been performed and it is established which way the business will take in the coming years. But how can the developed strategy be implemented? The last part of the marketing plan provides an answer on it and forms a conversion from strategy into concrete “actions”. This is the marketing action plan.

What must happen in the marketing action plan?

Use the marketing mix to devise the developed strategy and then write an operational action plan.

Section 8 – Marketingmix

In this section, the intention is to convert the formulated strategy from the previous sections in marketing actions; these are concrete “actions” for a business. Examples of this are the pricing of a product or the choice for a distribution channel.

  • 8.1 Product
  • 8.2 Price
  • 8.3 Place
  • 8.4 Promotion
  • 8.5 (Personnel) Optional for services marketing

Section 9 – Operational Action plan

The strategy of a business is described and devised in the previous sections in detail. In this last section, it concerns the implementation thereof. In which manner can the plans be implemented?

  • 9.1 Organisation
  • 9.2 Planning
  • 9.3 Financial make-up
  • 9.3 Evaluation & Control