In this article we describe the executive summary of the marketing plan.

What is a management summary?

Executive summary = Management summary = summary

Management summary is an important component of a marketing plan. Here the reader is introduced to the findings of the entire marketing plan in the form of a summary. The quality of a management summary determines whether the marketing plan will be read. In short, the marketing plan is sold to the reader using the summary. After reading the management summary, at least a small part of the readers will go over to read the content of the report. At best, noteworthy findings are researched in order to undertake the more detailed information.

Recommendations for a management summary

Two recommendations in order to ensure that the reader reads the plan.

  1. Managers and executives generally have little time and therefore would like to see a short summary. Therefore, it is essential that the summary remains short. That is often difficult because there are many things observed in the research. Literature indicates that a summary of two pages is allowed. Personally, I think that it is always possible to write a summary of one page. This will enormously improve the quality of the summary! It is faster to read, looks better, and has more chance to convince the reader. It also shows that you are able to separate main-issues and side-issues.
  2. Use the structure of this graded plan. It gives a logical construction that seems very convincing if you make the current problem clear, the most important observations and findings from the research phase turned into a strategy, recommendation and action plan.

Example set-up of a management summary

Below a display of the paragraphs, do not deviate much from this.

Paragraph 1  In this plan answer is provided <insert central problem> The research phase has had various perspectives. A number of important opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses have emerged on micro-, macro- and meso-levels
Paragraph 2 <Make it clear why the problem is actually a problem and why it must be solved.>
Paragraph 3 <Display the most important findings from the research phase of the report (PART4) here.> End with the desired situation.
Paragraph 4 <Introduce the strategy (PART5) with which the problem can be solved>
Paragraph 5. <Make it clear how your strategy can be implemented>
Paragraph 6 <Recommendation>

It is always hard to keep this in one page, but it is possible. Follow the recommendations and write an effective & convincing management summary!