In this article we describe the Promotion component from the Marketing Mix, also called Promotional Mix.


The P of Promotion is a component of the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion and, in some cases, personnel). By making the correct adjustments in the marketing mix, a product or service can be succesfully marketed. This article describes the P of Promotion, a.k.a promotion mix.

What is Promotion in the marketing mix?

The P of Promotion contains the communication strategy; this is the way the company communicates. Here, decisions are taken on the way the company wants to come into contact with the client. Promotion is thus a description of making measures in order to communicate with clients.

Why making a promotional mix?

For conducting activities, a company needs to come into contact with clients. Afterall, without contact, no one is familiar with them. By communicating a certain message in this contact, a company tries to respond to the specific wishes and needs of a client. With it, an attempt is made to create distinctive features relative to competing suppliers. In short: communication in order to create distinctive features.

What does promotional mix consist of?

In the “P” of Promotion the concern is on all factors that are influential to communication and outreach to target group. Sometimes one concerns a marketing communication plan. But what are “all factors that are influential to communication and outreach to target group”? Actually it is best easy, just describe how do you want to convey your message, to which target group, with what purpose, and what media. Don’t make it harder than it is, but deliberate it well and make well-considered choices based on research of, for example, the external environment (External Analysis). Message – Target group – Target – Medium

Promotion mix, how?

In order to arrive at a good promotion mix, you can adopt and describe the following structure:

  1. Target group
  2. Communication objectives | Read more
  3. Message
  4. Choosing a media | Read more
  5. Budget