In this article we describe the choice of promotional medium, a main component from the Promotion Mix.

Promotional mix: Choosing a medium

The promotion mix consists of four main groups of promotion that can be combined for an optimal result. Each main group has advantages and disadvantages that can be used in different situations. It is important to make choices based on previous research and which also integrate well with the communication targets.

What are the main groups promotion?


Advertisement often relates to non-personal, paid promotions with help from mass media to communicate a message. Old TV and radio commercials are mostly one-way communication but with the rise of the internet, increasingly more possibilities for interaction arise.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion includes use of special – often short term – techniques with a goal of fast sales or certain targets. The sale gets done by discounts, incentives, coupons, rebates, sampling, contests, demonstrations etc.

Personal sales

Personal sales, the name says it all… this form of promotion involves personal contact between account managers or sellers and (potential) client. This can be face-to-face, via the telephone or via new technologies such as video and/or chat.

Public relations

Public Relations also referred to as publicity primarily concerns the appearance in external sources of the media. The main aim is to communicate a favourable mention via reputable sources to a largely interested public.

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