CICD Analysis

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In this article we describe the CICD Analysis, which provides insight into the external environment and thus the opportunities and threats within a business environment.

In this article you can expect:

What is a CICD Analysis?

Situational Analysis consists of two components, an internal and external part. In order to conduct the external part of the Situational Analysis, CICD Analysis is often made use of. This provides a good picture of the external environment wherein a business is active. On this basis, strategic decision can be taken.

What does CICD analysis consist of?

The CICD Analysis consists of the following components:

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Why conduct a CICD analysis?

Every organization exists within a certain environment which provides opportunities and threaths. The opportunities can be used to achieve business succes, the threaths can be used to avoid certain mistakes. A CICD analysis provides exactly this vital information, use this wisely to develop a winning business strategy.  

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