In this article we describe Social Media Marketing, a marketing technique whereby social media are used with an intention to realise marketing (communication) objective.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique whereby social media are used with an intention to realise marketing (communication) objective. It is an interactive form of marketing oriented to start a dialogue.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing seems an excellent way to start a conversation with the client and thereby to strive for higher targets than conventional sales. Loyalty, client satisfaction and the creation of a brand preference are goals that companies try to strive for by using Social Media. According to research, Social Media Marketing, provided it’s used well, seems to bring money in.

What is Social Media?

Social Media are online platforms on which users are able to tend their content without professional interference. Examples of this are posting a message, video fragment, audio file, comment or photo.

Examples of Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Blogs
  • Facebook

Success factors for Social Media Marketing

Success from using Social Media Marketing is dependent on a number of factors.

  1. In general, people do indeed identify themselves with companies that are close to them. That implies that one can identify one’s self with the company. In order to achieve this, the message must be true; integrity lasts the longest.
  2. Furthermore, the social media must be a central component of the marketing activities. Integration into different media such as website, newsletter, sales-supporting materials etc. is therefore important. And it can also form a part of innovation, clients can help with developing new products.
  3. The activities are conducted by a representative team with a background. You can not unthinkingly go do everything. There is a target and that is communicated by everyone.
  4. Besides that, Social Media Marketing needs to be conducted in various outlets. It is a complete picture, not just Twitter.
  5. Lastly, Social Media Marketing is not cut out for every branche, company or corporate culture. It is, moreover, not too important because it is only a tool, there are also other marketing techniques that yield results.

Problem of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is in this moment a popular marketing technique due to the advent of the internet and also the smartphones. Many companies are mistaken in using it because they hear much about it in the news or see what other companies do. It is extremely important that one understands that social media marketing is a tool and not a goal. That means, use it only if it fits within the total marketing communication and strives for a legitimate target such as creating brand loyalty. As follow-up step, a consideration must be placed over the message and which tactics are used such as Twitter, Facebook etc.


Social Media Marketing can lead to higher loyalty, client satisfaction, brand preference and ultimately realisation of financial goals. However, it is a tool and not a goal. Thus it must only be used if the company and the market are suited for that. And a number of factors must also be satisfied before the communication becomes successful.

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