In this article we describe the Abell Business definition Model (Abell Three Dimensional Business Definition Model), often applied to analyze a business’s scope of operation.

What is the Abell business definition model?

Abell’s Model is often applied to analyse a business’s scope of operation. Which technologies and products does a business operate in a market with? And what kind of target group does it respond to? The Abell Analysis is a handy aid in delineating the market.

Why the Abell business definition?

Abell’s Model provides a clear market delineation of the current activities of an organisation. Besides that, it can be used to tune a business’s future strategic policy to changes in the market.

How does Abell’s Model look like?

Abell Business Definition Model
Abell Business Definition Model

What are the dimensions of the Abell business definition model?

The Abell Model recognises three dimensions:

Customers Groups - Who? --- Target groups of, for example, “age 65+”.

Customer Needs /Demands What?--- The consumers’ demand, for example, “quality”

Technologies How? --- In what way can the demands of the customer be addressed? For example, “men’s fashion” Combinations (product-market combinations) are created from the Abell Model.