Push / Pull Strategy

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In this article we describe Push / Pull Strategy, very important basic marketing terms every marketeer should understand.

What is Push / Pull strategy?

Push and pull strategy is the way of distribution whereby a product is lead through a distribution channel to the end client. Marketing activities are - dependent thereon - designed and there are two main groups.

  • Push Strategy of Push Marketing
  • Pull Strategy of Pull Marketing

What is Push Strategy and Push Marketing?

In a Push Strategy, a product is offered and, as it were, pushed through the distribution channel. It is a matter of a pushing agent by supply-driven marketing efforts. An example of this is a better location on the shelf or giving discounts.

What is Pull Strategy and Pull Marketing?

In a Pull strategy, a demand is created whereby the product is carried over through the distribution channel. It is a matter of a demanding client often by demand-driven marketing efforts. An example of this is developing an advertisement aiming for client preference.

Marketing Implications of Push Pull Strategy

Making a choice for a Push or Pull Strategy is at present not a question anymore. There are so many competitors, marketing communications and potentials, that ruling out a distribution strategy is no more an option. Usually both strategies needs to be devised.

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