AIDA Model

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In this article we describe the AIDA Model, a classic marketing model that is often practiced by marketeers to improve sales.

What is the AIDA Model?

The AIDA Model is a classic marketing model that is often practiced by marketeers. According to the model, the consumer goes through a number of steps (in sequence) in confrontation with marketing communication (such as an ad). These steps provide insight into the purchasing situation of the consumer.

How does AIDA Model look like?

AIDA Model example AIDA Model (example of AIDA Model follows)

  • A – Attention
  • I – Interest
  • D – Desire
  • A – Action

A - Attention

The first step of the model: pull attention. The advertising must, in one way or another, grabs the consumer’s attention. There are different ways with which this can be achieved. Using striking colours, distinctive sound, beautiful ladies, etc. have been succesful in the past.

I - Interest

The second step of the model is based on interesting the consumer. The advertising must advance the positive aspects of a product to the consumer thereby generating interest. This can often be achieved by identifying unique selling points. Think of, for example, the “lowest interest rate” ads for money lending. Another example is suggesting superior quality by ensuring a quality waranty.

D - Desire

In step three of the model the interest must be turned into a desire or preference for a product. It should primarily be noted in the advertising to convince the consumer of the use of a product. Thereby the interest is converted to an intention to buy. A - Action The last step in the model: spur the consumer into action. The goal of this phase is to move the consumer into buying the product. Communicate the options on how the product is to be acquired. Think of, for example, the New Year’s lottery ads where sales points are communicated.

Applicability of AIDA Model?

The AIDA Model is a versatile model. Below a sum-up of applications:

  • sales presentations
  • TV ads
  • radio
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • google adwords
  • billboards
  • leaflets
  • catalogues

 Sales, graphic design, ICT and marketing must all take into account the AIDA Model so that a business adjusts every marketing output to the four steps of the model.

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